Millie is as pretty as the flowers!

Banshee on the prowl!

Do we train our dogs to be like us?

Hello Wonder Walks family! We all train our dogs to be good citizens, and expect them to know the basics, sit, stay, heel etc. We expect them to act appropriately in public and not fight in the dog parks, but what about their social behavior? Meeting and greeting both people and other dogs alike! Have…

We have Expanded our Pack!

We are excited to announce that Wonder Walks now also has a location in lovely Spokane, Washington! You can expect the same high quality, caring service as our Chicago location! Check out our “Welcome to Spokane” specials, and please follow us on social media! We look forward to serving you and your furry friends!

Just a pretty girl on a pretty day

Ever notice your doggy smiles more on sunny days!? I believe the sun is good for them and gives them a boost of good energy! Bella is 11 years old, a bit timid and to herself most of the time, but when the sun is shining on her glorious blonde hair, shes ready for the…

Happy Dogs

Every walk is a new adventure! When your dog is on a Wonder Walks adventure, it is all about them! This is their time to explore, “read” their posts, get the gossip and news! Our goal is to give your furry friend a special experience while keeping them safe and happy!

Every walk is a new adventure!

Wonder Walks is an experienced, caring pet service in Chicago IL. We strive to make each visit special and unique to your furry friend always keeping their safety in mind. With services such as walks, sittings, pickup and drop offs, helping to make your life a bit easier and your furry friends life a bit…