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Do dogs make you happy? If you are like me then they absolutely, PAWSitively do! Sometimes I am feeling down, as I am sure we all do at times, but I make sure that I never bring that energy with me to visit a furry friend! When I arrive to a visit, I am greeted with such joy and love I instantly feel HAPPY! All lifes troubles melt away when I am in the presence of a dog! We can learn so much from the way they live! When they see loved ones, they are so excited like its the first time in years! We should treat our loved ones the same! Dogs do not hold grudges or resentment, WOW can you imagine if we adopted this trait!? Dogs live every moment to the fullest as should we! They say that people will not remember what you said, but they will remember how you made them FEEL! Dogs do not say a word, but make a huge impact on how we feel! I think if we all could be a little more like dogs the world would be even more wonderful! What do you think? What are of some ways we can be more like them that would make our lives better?

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