Be happy!


It takes a whole lot to bum out a happy dog!With their bounce in their stride, ears flopping, tail wagging, zoomies, licks and big o smile, there’s no hiding the pure joy they are experiencing! Now, why can’t we humans be more like that? Why is it so hard for us feel the freedom of true, from the gut happiness? What is holding us back? Can you even imagine the feeling? Can we learn how? I’d like to think we can! We can start with gratitude! Appreciate every little thing, moment, conversation and person! Be excited to see your loved ones and friends like it’s been too long since the last visit! I think we spend too much of our precious time worrying, stressed, or upset, draining all our wonderful energy that we could be enjoying! Let’s live and love like dogs! Every moment is precious, and Every Walk is a New Adventure!


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  1. Nice post I agree let’s be just be

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    1. bossybeez says:

      Thanks so much! I’m so glad you agree! Freedom to be happy!


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