The Commands of Dog Barking

To stop a dog from barking at too much would require him to not bark in the first place. Or at least have him bark sparingly so that he understands … The Commands of Dog Barking

Be happy!

It takes a whole lot to bum out a happy dog!With their bounce in their stride, ears flopping, tail wagging, zoomies, licks and big o smile, there’s no hiding the pure joy they are experiencing! Now, why can’t we humans be more like that? Why is it so hard for us feel the freedom of…

Shade Tree

Thank you shade trees for giving us a cool place to rest!

Going for a ride

Millie is buckled in safely for her ride to the park! Wonder Walks Pet Taxi is a safe way to get your pup to where they need to go! Vet, groomer, park, you name it!